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Clean Energy by N-Viro

I have found great information about clean technology has patent by N-Viro

Here some news which i have found on internet

N-Viro International Corp. announced it has submitted permit applications with the commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, for a pilot facility capable of producing an appropriate amount of N-Viro FuelT to carry out necessary testing at various power generators. Once approved by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, N-Viro intends to be in production of the N-Viro FuelT product and conduct other scheduled test burn demonstrations. These tests will require the utilization of local supplies of biosolids from municipal wastewater treatment facilities. The company expects to receive permit approval and begin production during the first half of 2010. The portable pilot facility will be capable of demonstrating a full-scale production of N-Viro FuelT. The company expects to make use of this pilot for several tests burn applications where N-Viro FuelT can be blended with coal, waste coal and even biomass types of fuel. Additionally, this plant will further validate the N-Viro FuelT technology and provide valuable analytical data for future and developing projects.

N-Viro International Corporation announced that it has extended two of its contracts, for Altamonte Springs, Florida and Toledo Ohio. These extensions are in addition to the renewal of N-Viro's contract with Port Orange, Florida which was previously announced. Altamonte Springs, one of Florida N-Viro's valued long-term customers, has extended the contract with N-Viro to process all of the biosolids produced by Altamonte Springs. This initial two month extension will permit Altamonte Springs and N-Viro time to finalize a long-term contract so N-Viro can continue to process all of Altamonte Springs' biosolids into Class AA beneficial reuse products. Similarly, N-Viro's contract with the City of Toledo, Ohio has been extended for three months to permit the City, under a new administration to consider short and long-term proposals to handle the City's biosolids. N-Viro looks forward to working with the new administration during this extension, and hopes to work with Toledo to provide a long-term energy recovery solution that will provide the City with considerable savings opportunities.

N-­‐Viro will completely design and construct a state of art facility within the project timeframe. Afterward, N-­‐Viro will operate and manage the process including han-­‐
dling the biosolids from end to end. The process begins with 250 tons of biosolids and 25 tons of admixtures to deliver 120 tons of N-­‐Viro Fuel® daily to meet the
needs of coal fired power plants in the surrounding area. The fully integrated approach relieves the municipality from managing the biosolids disposal and contrib-­‐
utes to the goal of each state to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions and to utilize renewable energy resources such as biosolids.
A non-­‐conventional contracting mechanism, Design-­‐Build-­‐Operate (DBO) structure successfully combines the benefits of private sector business efficiency while mini-­‐
mizing the cost of involvement for publically owned entities.

About N-Viro

N-Viro International Corporation owns and licenses N-Viro Process, a patented technology to treat and recycle wastewater and other bio-organic wastes, utilizing certain alkaline and mineral by-products produced by the cement, lime, electric utilities, and other industries in the United States. Its N-Viro Process stabilizes and pasteurizes the wastewater sludge, reduces odors to various levels, and neutralizes or immobilizes toxic components. This process generates N-Viro Soil, a product which has a granular appearance similar to soil and has various commercial uses, including agricultural lime, soil enrichment, top soil blend, landfill cover and capping, and land reclamation. The company also offers N-Viro Fuel, a patented biomass alternative energy fuel. It manages N-Viro Process facilities under contracts. The company was founded in 1979 and is based in Toledo, Ohio.

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To Play Big You Have To Act Big

By Pegine Echevarria

To play big in life and work you have to act big. I don’t mean that you have to act superior to anyone or believe that you are better than someone else.

When you act that way you are really acting very small and insecure. When you behave in a way of superiority you are letting your ego take over and eventually you will pay the price.

Competing with someone else gives you a false sense of superiority or bigness.

The people who act big believe that within themselves they are gifted with the talent, determination, faith and persistence to be the best they can be.

It is not about competing against someone else, but about pushing to surpass yourself, to be better than you were before.

Acting big is about behaving as though you are the best you can be, without putting limitations on how phenomenal you are.

Acting big means that when you are at work you are performing your best at every task you do, no matter how trivial or important. It means that from the moment you walk into your office you are “on”, you are focused on being the kind of worker you would want working for you.

You answer the phone with genuine interest and know that how you act communicates your awareness of the responsibility that comes with creating a positive and powerful reputation.

Acting big means that when you are interacting with your kids you are being the best dad you can be. You know in your heart and soul you are the dad you wanted for yourself and you strive, in every moment, to be that dad to your kids.

The truth is we only have moments, short, memorable, life changing moments. It also means saying, “I’m sorry” when we mess up. It is how you teach your children forgiveness.

Acting big means that you strive to attain a deep, supportive and fun relationship with your significant other.

You keep your side of the fence clean, meaning that you don’t point out what they are doing wrong, instead you focus on what you can do right.

After 25 years of marriage I can attest that this is a daily, practiced and focused endeavor. It is so easy to fall into the habit of pointing out what others do wrong.

However, acting big means you get into the habit of pointing out what others do right. It is important to take action. My husband is my hero. I choose to treat him that way (or at least I strive to most of the time).

Acting big means knowing where you are going and having the courage to get there. It means finding friends and associates that are also growing, transforming and changing.

Acting big means asking for help from those who have what you strive for and learning from them. Learning from their mistakes and from their strengths.

Be brave, be bold, play big

Decide today to act big!
Pegine Echevarria is a motivational speaker and author – a nationally recognized expert on success, leadership, and team building. Visit her at

-What are some ways you “act big”, or can begin to do so in your life?

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Success Through Awareness

By : Aurelio (Leo) Ramos
Success is a very hot topic in our society today. Each person has their own definition of the word, so I will not define it for you. However, I will state two things. First, remind you that YOU are the one that gets to decide what success means. Second, is what I've chosen to take into account for defining success. For me success is determined by the following four factors, not in any specific order. (a) Getting the results that I am looking to achieve (b) using a process that is balanced and works for me (c) while nurturing relationships in the process (d) and knowing that what I am creating is of service to myself and others. Yes, it must be a win-win for everyone involved for me to consider it a success.

In either case, in order to create success there is a very specific process. If you are not getting the results you want, you must first become clear and aware of what you want to change, make different, or make better whether in life or in your business. Without becoming aware about what you want to change, it is nearly impossible to make any kind of change permanent or even long-term. So the key first step is becoming clear about what you want and aware of what needs to change. This way you can actually begin to take steps to make that change. Once you've become aware and clear of what you want, then you can begin the journey of making the changes and creating your success.

Though it is possible to gain this awareness on your own it is not the easiest. Notice that every great figure has always had someone there to support them in their journey to success. This is true in sports, religion, politics, and every other area of life. Often they are supported by mentors, coaches, and others who are able to see what the individual is not able to see. Think of Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, any President, they all have a team of people supporting them in creating their success.

* So, what steps can you take to support your success?
* Get a coach or a mentor to support you.
* Be willing to be honest with yourself and see those things that are not supporting you.
* Have the courage and commitment to make a change.
* Nurture your relationships in the process.
* Keep looking for the process that will work with and for you.
* Be of service, focus on supporting the success of others & you will nurture your success in the process.
* Keep connecting to resources that will help you gain knowledge and apply that knowledge.
* Take any or all of these steps and begin take your current success to the next level.

About Aurelio (Leo) Ramos

Aurelio (Leo) Ramos, is the founder of Body Mind Success, a world class coaching company whose mission is to inspire, educate, and empower individuals to achieve their highest vision and purpose, personally and professionally. Leo invites you to experience your next level of success and attract more money, better health, great relationships, and community. Visit for your free long term success manual.

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